I am a contemporary photographer that specialises in portraiture. The unique elements of my images stem from my interest in psychology and beauty, the narrative of each project differs and I hope that connect with my viewers on an emotive level. I take pride in the social aspect in my work, connecting with my clients and models give my work a deeper insight into the human condition and what makes us who we are. Although I love taking aesthetically pleasing images, my drive is through knowledge to complete a shoot. Photography isn't just about images to me, its about learning about the individuals I capture in my work and the world around them. Each shoots is a different experience and it's my way of self discovery and learning about the fundamentals of humanity. 


  • Wyatt–Clarke & Jones in 2019 (still and moving image)

  • Raven Tor Re-enactment society 

  • Gin & Juice, Cardiff

  • Oxfam, Cardiff


  • 2019 – BA Photography, University of South Wales, Cardiff. 

  • 2018 – Fine Art Foundation Degree, Chichester College, Chichester